Darksiders III

In Darksiders III, which takes place in parallel to the events of the other games, you play as Fury, another of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

This comes courtesy of some of the original creators of Darksiders, which is nice – right now, this looks in a pretty early
state. Fury is a whip-wielding mage, and this is again an open
world game with puzzle-y bits, and remains as close as we’ll get
to a Zelda on PC. Fury is looking to eliminate embodied versions
of the seven deadly sins, presumably by hitting them until they’re all dead. Environments will be laid out like a giant dungeon, encouraging the player to explore by teasing bits of the world to come. Darksiders is dependable puzzle-action fodder, and its return is welcome to PCG’s Tom Senior, a connoisseur of mostly 7/10 games.

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