Darksiders III

In Darksiders III, which takes place in parallel to the events of the other games, you play as Fury, another of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This comes courtesy of some of the original creators of Darksiders, which is nice – right now, this looks in a pretty early state. Fury is a whip-wielding mage, and this is again an open world game …

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Monster hunter World

capcom’s Monster Hunter series has mostly lived on intendo consoles for the past decade, so this was a pleasant urprise, probably spurred on by the success of the same company’s Dragon’s Dogma on PC. We do love to stab a big monster, it seems. This is traditionally a co-op series where players team up with three friends and go looking for big, bad beasties to kill. Monster …

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rackdown 3

Crackdown was a superhero platformermeets- action game, where these agents would scour the city for criminals and root out evil gangs. It was unexpectedly terrific at the time on Xbox, offering co-op fun as players climbed buildings, lobbed cars and blew stuff up together. This is its first venture onto PC, and the results are pretty impressive …

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